Hello world!

Follow me as we traverse the path of career change!


Here we go!!


4 thoughts on “Hello world!

  1. May the good saints protect you
    and bless you today
    and may trouble ignore you each step of the way. don’t give up kid! Kevin

  2. I know exactly what you speak of Kieve!! I’ve not done many, many things out of fear of the unknown only to meet head on the dissapointment of doing nothing at all. I wish you the very best in meeting this wonderful challenge head on and know that you will be ever so much happier for having met the fear head on!! I with you the very best!

  3. Hello Kieve!

    I have always seen you as a unique and courageous person.

    When people meet in community it is always good to celebrate uniqueness, and I will never forget my chicken/fishing neck pillow.

    Kieve you are not just a special woman. You are a spectacular woman.

    In the Creator,

    • Thanks Paul!

      I appreciate all the kind words of encouragement. And, so glad the chicken pillow is still going strong!

      Thanks for your support.

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