Getting Started… Step #1

Where do you begin?

According to the book “Work Less, Make More” by Jennifer White, you only need three things.

  1. A journal.
  2. Support Network
  3. Courage

Really, just those three items? Yeppers. When I first heard this in my networking group for career changers, I didn’t have a journal. I’m not really the journaling type (if there is such a thing). I do love to write, but find myself making lists more than journaling.

I was somewhat surprised by a journal. But, I was open. I appreciate having new perspectives and tangible tools that are applicable. It helps me make progress. And, this author seemed to be on the right track… so, why not.

Plus, our group facilitator explained how the physical act of writing makes different neurons “pop” off in your brain (hand to paper – this does not include typing on the computer).  From them you can gain clearer perspectives, creativity, a new way to look at things. It made sense.

After the meeting, it was off to Target for me to find a journal that would inspire me to write in it.


To have a vision is one thing, to do something about it is another.

How do you begin? And… where?

Those questions have followed me around for a while now. As, I have been touting around a vision to start a faith based non-profit for about five years now. Five years is a long time. In that time, I’ve been overwhelmed on how to put into action the vision I have. What stops me most of the time is fear. Fear of the unknown, fear of failure, and fear of failing before I’ve even done anything. I have talked myself out of going in the direction of my dreams over and over. I have gone in the direction of other possible interests and pursuits (going towards real estate, event planning, I’ve thought about staging homes, outdoor guiding, maybe even becoming a personal shopper (under the direction of a friend’s recommendation, I tried my hand at consulting), and maybe even a freelance writer). Why? Because it’s easier. But, the outcome is always the same. I am not happy with the results. Because, I know the direction I ultimately want to go in and I’m avoiding it.

Sound familiar to anyone?