Building Community with Local Food Movements

A friend of mine, Steven Hebbard, spoke at a presentation Tuesday night at Monkey Wrench Books. He’d sent me an email about this through a Meet-Up: Austin Community Living… started by a friend of his (Rigil Thurston).

His presentation (“Scaling Our Communities to the Size of Our Diets”) was primarily about building community (neighbors knowing neighbors) with the local food movements (growing and buying food locally).

Included in the conversation was actually defining what the local food movements are, what is the scale of the area being served (local, city, state, national), how to reclaim your city to be a part of your local community, and how populated an area affects the food markets.

Some ways we can be intentional include:

Buy, eat, and grow local.

Buy, eat, and grow local.

1) Actively supporting local food vendors — encourage stores/restaurants to buy/grow food locally. We can encourage or help put into effect a reward system for businesses who do.

2) Change our lifestyle — get linked up into local food cooperative networks, become inter-connected with food providers (CSAs, neighborhood organizations, Sustainable

Building intentional relationships with those who are different from us.

Building intentional relationships with those who are different from us.

Food Center, farmer’s markets, and by supporting mid-size farms).

3) The heart change — be intentional about practicing hospitality for neighborliness for families, friends neighbors, and for those who are alone. (This was my confirmation! My aha moment! Showing me, I’m on the right path.)

The world will be changed by us opening our homes and loving our neighbors. (Yes, yes, yes!!)

Reach out to the weak ties of our community, people who are different from us, and take time to have real, ordinary, relationships with them. Everyone will be blessed.

Another important note to take away: community can’t be defined by electronics or social media. Though, very helpful in this day and age. What we are talking about is the inter-personal connection (in the flesh) which is important, needed, and special.


One thought on “Building Community with Local Food Movements

  1. I read your words, and I look at the links, and my heart swells. You express yourself in thoughtful, personal and profound ways. You are beautiful.

    I took a deep breath as I found pictures of gardens, and people changing the focus from energy-stealing cement to the vibrant colors of growing things. The atmosphere was filled with a goodhearted vigor—the kind of place that gives tremendous hope and insights for reaching the best of visions.

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