Vacation is Good For the Soul

Losing track of time in a field full of flowers.

Losing track of time in a field full of flowers.

Jeff (my boyfriend) and I spent a week in Ruidoso, NM unwinding and decompressing. It was great to get away! It was even better to forget what day it was and what month we were in.

Getting lost in the mountains.

Getting lost in the mountains.

If you have been stressing over a job loss or change in careers, try to make it a point to take small get-a-ways. The ones where you can go… spend the least amount of money (unless you’ve got a savings account and can pull from it for a cruise or coast to coast road-trip), and decompress mentally and emotionally. Just let yourself “be” in the moment. Forget what day it is, what time it is, what you are supposed to do, and enjoy yourself.

Who ever says you should ALWAYS be focusing on this job search thing… may not relate to how tough it is. Take a break from time to time. Trust me, it’ll make a difference when you get back… and you’ll have new focus and hopefully more motivation to get those things you’ve been putting off… done.


One thought on “Vacation is Good For the Soul

  1. I couldn’t agree more. I was getting very stressed about my job hunt and some money issues. The solution? Go on vacation! With the support of my wife (a very important factor for anyone in a relationship), we decided to take three weeks off.

    I was doing some heavy duty job hunting right up to the last minute (I took an interview at 8 AM the morning when we were flying out at 4 PM that afternoon), but once we hit the road, it was wonderful to un-plug.

    The good news is that I was able to handle job stuff while vacationing (gotta love the internet). My last minute interview turned into a job offer while traveling and I got another email to setup an interview. I had to ask them if they were willing to push out the interview date and they did! After returning from the vacation, with one job offer in the bag, I showed up to the new interview wearing a Hawaiian Shirt, a tan, and a big smile :-)

    Long story short, that second interview also offered me a job. So going on vacation lead me to have two job offers after job hunting for six months.

    Here’s to relaxing and living life to the fullest. Every day something wonderful does happen. I had to relax, smile, and let go to get exactly what I wanted.

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