Staying Healthy

Sore throat, body aches, fever...

Sore throat, body aches, fever...

There is something going around right now… and it starts with a sore throat… grows into a runny nose, chest congestion, body aches, and fever.

I often wonder how I might go to the doctor when I don’t have insurance coverage. It’s a worry that stays constant. Especially when the sore throat I have turns into a fever (it hasn’t). I worry about medical bills I’ve accumulated and how I will pay them off. Where will the money come from? What will I do if I need to go to the doctor just to get antibiotics or medicine? What will I do if something bigger, something more substantial happens? How will I pay for it? And, more than that, will they give me care?

How will I receive care?

How will I receive care?

Sure, we’ve “received” word that Cobra insurance has been extended. But, who can actually afford paying for Cobra on unemployment funds… or private insurance? What if you’re not getting unemployment payments… how do you manage? Premiums are going up. And, as time goes forward… the little man (you and me), we’re getting caught in the fray.

It’s easy to not get stressed about it, when you are feeling good. But, when you start to feel bad… you must find a way to take care of it on your own and hope that it goes away. Or, face the reality and worry that come with trying to figure out a way to be able to pay for the doctor visit, tests, or medicine that is needed.

Wash your hands, drink your fluids, get plenty of sleep...

Wash your hands, drink fluids, get plenty of sleep...

If you are unemployed for any reason, now… more than ever get plenty of sleep, drink fluids, wash your hands, exercise, eat right, find those things that help manage your stress, stay current with your support network.

Staying healthy...

Feeling good...

Potential health issues are all around us… everything ranging from recreational injuries (biking, hiking, rollerblading) to the ordinary flu bugs. Now is the time to be vigilent at staying healthy. With health insurance premiums on the rise and money being scarce, it doesn’t pay to get sick right now or fall off a horse and break something.


One thought on “Staying Healthy

  1. I’m sorry to hear you’re not feeling well! Get well soon! These are all valid concerns. Will the government come through with real change? Time will tell.

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