Introduction: Where this crazy idea came from!



So, I think roughly five (maybe six) years ago an idea landed in my lap. Literally! It was a Sunday morning and I was getting ready to attend the 11:00 AM service for church… and I was actually going to be on time! Everything sort of fell into place in my brain. I would start a coffee house /community resource center. I knew who to contact, how it’d work, what I’d do, the location, the interior, the services, I even had a name for it… it was all there. (Then I moved to Austin. And, I feel like I’m starting all over again. But, the vision is still there and still strong.)

I’d been recently (5-6 years ago) sifting through what my strengths, weaknesses, gifts, and abilities were (more on these later). Wondering how to stay away from corporate America. I knew that that didn’t fit me. I wanted to build something that was not the norm… and something that helped people, while having a passion for

what I was doing – using my gifts and abilities. But, not start something just to start it. It needed to have a purpose more than just to fill a profession (ie: be a construction contractor). I’d tossed around ideas such as… to start a women’s or woman owned contracting/remodeling company… partner with the local counseling center… create some deconstruction therapy programs for those dealing with anxiety/depression. (That didn’t completely fit what I was looking for. But, it was along the right track.)



I wanted to do something unique that would break down socio-economic borders, build community, connection, serve people as individuals, solve community problems… creatively, build cooperation and partnering (among organizations, businesses, city officials, and the people in the city). I wanted to nudge people to step out of their comfort zones (opening/introducing new perspectives, giving them an opportunity to serve – in hopes that they would desire to be salt and light to those they came in contact with), and I wanted to mentor/teach people how to live successful lives (more on this later). But, not in a monetary sense.

Those were my values then… and those are still my values now.


One thought on “Introduction: Where this crazy idea came from!

  1. I don’t care for coffee, but there was a coffee house that we used to go to after theatre rehearsals every night that we grew to love!! Sara Dora’s in Round Rock. It was very bohemian and had lots of comfy seating and live music on the weekends. There were paintings for sale by local artists on the walls and bulletin boards filled with local notices. There were always chess games going and baskets of crayons for the kids. It was so sad when it closed.

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