Intial insights, more in depth… looking for answers, needing tangible tools.

Let’s look at how these insights play a part in the bigger picture. The more we understand the better we can be at coming up with good solutions that “break through” as opposed to just offering band-aids.

“People don’t know where to look to find the answers they need… and many times don’t know who to talk to. We, as people, need tangible tools to be proactive… to make healthy and responsible decisions…”

This can go for any struggle we have… health, housing, food, relationships, job, family issues, addictions, etc.

image4963930xSay you’ve lost a job. Where do you turn? What do you do? How long has it been since you’ve done the job search process? Do you locate the newest newspaper and consult the local help wanted section? Is your resume in order? Do you have a resume? Do you know how to write a resume? Do you even know what you want to do? Are you in survival mode?

I could go on with these questions… there are a slew to ask. Many of you may know that now-a-days looking for a job is so much more than looking inUnemployed Worker the help wanted section, searching Craigslist, or scouting the neighborhood for signs in the windows. It’s about “creating your brand”. What do you have to offer… what are you bringing to the table… what is your expertise? How do you present yourself in person, on paper, on the internet, through business cards/stationary? Touch, smell, sight, and sound.

Let me ask you this… how would you know that you needed to create a “brand” – the brand known as you, if you were never introduced to the concept? Where would you go to hear about it… where would you be introduced to such a concept? It’s becoming more main stream… but, I didn’t hear about it until I started actively participating in a job networking group. I wouldn’t have known. Sure, the networking group was readily available… but, if someone doesn’t know it exists, how would they know that’s where they’ll learn this?


Let’s also take into consideration people who may be starting from scratch. There are many people trying to figure out how to summarize their entire work history on a couple pieces of paper. Who may not know the language to use, what’s most important to include, they may not have much to include or it’s all over the place – what do you do with that?unemployment_250x251

There are people who may have never used the internet (or may not have access to a computer). If they have access, they may not be equipped on how to use it for locating a job, and certainly may not have any inclination of what Linked In is.

What about the people who need just to have a job, and have taken any job to survive to put food on the table and clothes on their backs. Or, the people that don’t have a work history, what do they do?


2 thoughts on “Intial insights, more in depth… looking for answers, needing tangible tools.

  1. Hi Laura,

    Based on my experience the top three things that I would tell anyone facing a job change would be:

    1) Take stock of your situation.

    Which includes: knowing how much money you have, how much money you need, what your situation is. Are you in dire straights? Do you have enough money to survive on for a few months, do you have enough money to pay rent, buy food, gas, pay bills, etc.

    It also includes: knowing what is around you: if there are resources and assistance available, if there are networking groups and free classes.

    2) Don’t panic!!

    It’s so easy to do. Instead have courage! Set goals, and take baby steps forward.

    It’s so easy to panic when we see the whole picture. We have so many questions that may be sitting unanswered. Solutions we can’t figure out. We may project our assumptions, and that makes it worse. The big picture looks daunting… it feels daunting or impossible. What we are trying to achieve.

    Especially if at the same time we are struggling financially. Instead of panic, set your goals. Shoot for the big end goal, but break it down into manageable baby steps. And, then have courage (grit your teeth if you have to) and be intentional about acting on them.

    3) Reach out.

    Ask questions… and ask for help. We can’t do this alone. Whether someone is changing jobs due to being laid off or it’s a voluntary change. Trying to tackle everything yourself, will leave you frustrated… stuck… and isolated.
    Sometimes we want to do everything ourselves and sometimes we think we have to. But, the more people involved the better it will be. Not only in finding solutions, but also in building support networks.

    Great question!

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