Come on upstairs… check out the resource center.


Remember, I’d imagined an upstairs…

If not… check out the coffee house… keeping it simple post. Let’s start off with where we left off with the this post for the coffee house.

On the way up to the 2nd level, you will see community artwork exhibits hanging off the walls – continuing/connecting the importance of drawing the community together, as with the coffee house. For the transition area, think of an open staircase – not enclosed or boxed in. There is signage from the coffee shop downstairs directing people to the 2nd level. Ease of access will be accommodated, the entire building will need to be ADA compliant.

On the second floor there will be access to the organization’s offices, as well as space for the resource center itself. Once upstairs, you will be greeted by a reception attendant. Who will be able to help direct people to information, trainings, mentoring, and programs. There will be a small, yet comfortable seating area. Mimicking the feel of the coffee house downstairs.

Like the coffee house down stairs, there will be chalk boards hanging down. This time with local community happenings: voting issues,school board meetings, crime watch, neighborhood association meetings, etc. A small bulletin board on the wall for residents to post. A dry erase board with the resource center’s schedule of events.

There will be space for 3-4 desk top computers – which will have access to the internet and be specifically channeled to food, job, and housing resources, a training class schedule, partnering organizations, and available programs. Social networking sites will be blocked.

There will be a conference room and two rooms set up for class rooms. The class rooms will also be used for community meeting spaces. All rooms will be installed with technologies for presentations. Including (but not limited to) projector, wall screen, and presentation dry erase boards.

Offering a comfortable, welcoming, come-as-you-are, hands-on, safe environment that promotes proactive productivity.


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