Garnering Change Blog

Hello World! My name is Kieve Garner, and welcome to my blog. This blog is all about change. As you may have noted in the title and blog name (Garnering Change). Garner, which means: to store up or harvest. This is all about harvesting change.

I am writing this blog as a means to share the ups, downs, and the humorous moments that are making my career change a reality. I hope that this blog can serve as a source of support, spark creative thought, nudge forward, and help others who are on their own journey and career change. I want to generate exposure to the vision I have. As well as network and collaborate with others who may share similar passions and ideas.

My dream is to start something innovative, where I can be a catalyst for change. Specifically working toward bridging the separation between the middle class and the working poor by building authentic community (where neighbors know their neighbors); equipping people with needed hands-on information (such as recession preparedness… what is your plan b?); empowering people to take action; creating innovative solutions that make tangible needs such as food, job, and housing accessible (using resources we already have). I want to give people opportunities… to not just survive in life, but to thrive.


3 thoughts on “Garnering Change Blog

  1. GO FOR YOUR DREAMS….you know in your heart that you will be most satisfied/blessed and at peace with the dreams your Creator place in your heart….I know, I am at the same spot as you…trying this, trying that…and then remembering to FOCUS, keep my eyes on Jesus…the good Lord above!!!

    • Amen, I am in the same zone. If i keep focused God will lead me and give me the desires of my heart as is his will. I have to stop trying to lead. I have to go with his will.

  2. Keep going. I like the idea you have developed. I don’t drink coffee but I’d go to the coffee shop to talk and to network. If it provided a haven for writers and a skilled workforce full of folks with ideas and potential. I’m there. Some people are not afraid to dream and try to live those dreams. I am so impressed with you and this venture. The overall design, the warm colors and that faint sense of brightness are just pulling me in, taking me places in my mind I’ve closed off; not daring to believe they could be shared in this lifetime.
    I like the idea that you’ve decided to create your own job, create your own lifestyle, help others; share a vision. You’ve selected the greatest venue, the internet, to do so.
    Keep Garnering Change, its the way you are destined to live your life. Go to…let’s see and hear about pulling that vision apart. It’s in the knowing, the understanding of the pieces that make a whole. It is there that we find ourselves and our place in this universe.
    May God bless you and send you many steps forward to capture your dreams and make them realities. May you help others as you pass this way. That way leads…. success.

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