Remember that journal I was talking about before?  What does yours look like? Why do I ask… well your journal is an extension of who you are. You might as well invest in something that fits your personality. Perhaps something with a little flair? How about a classic leather bound book? What fits you?

I found this great little, colorful, red, yellow and white, fabric bound, floral journal at Target. It had my name written all over it. It said to me “inspiration” — “buy me, buy me”. I couldn’t wait to get it home and start writing.

2517590361_b746da8b81 I’ve written off and on in it. You may be wondering… what do I write in a career journal? Yeah, so I can get one that “fits” me… but, what do I say?

Well… whatever comes to mind. Write any… all of your ideas for businesses (no matter how crazy they are). Write down your life’s bucket list, ideals (day, what your office would look like, wardrobe, etc.), what you don’t want to put up with, your top three non-negotiables, your values, crazy ideas, exercises from a job or career development book…. the sky is the limit! If you are having a bad day… write about it. If you don’t have any energy… own it!

Write one sentence…

So, when I get a great idea (no matter how crazy it sounds – even if it doesn’t relate to what I’m doing) I writWomanWritinge it down… for instance, I think it would be great to own a self storage facility. I could store my stuff free-of-charge… charge just a hair less than the competition… what people leave behind I could auction off or have fun sifting through. I like junk, so it works for me. I’m a natural at space planning — so, I could offer moving services. Maybe even set up an apartment on site… hey, free rent! Will I ever do it? Probably not. But, I took the time to acknowledge it… and that’s important!

I’ll make note of an exercise we’ve completed during my networking meetings, notes I don’t want to forget, an insight I’ve realized, input from others, the top 98 things I want to do in life (I kind of petered out before 100)… and sometimes just a sentence that says… I can’t think of anything today.

You don’t have to say anything astounding, just take the time to write something… anything, and the rest will follow. You’d be surprised at what follows.


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