Plug in!

Originally I’d wanted to go all the way to ten steps of getting out of analysis paralysis. But, there is way  too much I want to share that has been happening since I’ve started blogging. So, I think we’ll stop at #8 — Plugging In!

I hope at this point, you’ve given some of these suggestions a try and are proactively working through them. More than anything I hope you have joined or created an accountability team for yourself. This first piece is key. I hope you have also started working on some visioning exercises to steer you in the right direction to what you need in a career, you’ve researched resources, and you’ve asked some important questions.

So, you may be asking yourself… what’s next?

Plug in… plug in… plug in!

It’s time to get in the game… and get active!

If you have not already, start to plug in to networking groups, volunteer activities that relate to the area of interest you want to go toward… plug into hiking groups to stay healthy, church groups to connect. Take classes, go to workshops… if you spot a free seminar on something you are interested in and you think applies to your field… reserve your space! If you are thinking of starting your own thing, check out SCORE or the local city or county business resources. Generally they offer FREE or low cost services. If you are wanting to become better at public speaking… join Toastmasters.

Knowledge is power! More than that, you’ll meet interesting people who may turn into key networking contacts. The more involved you are the better. And… you will be adding valuable tools to your skill set. Win… win… win!

Be careful not to get overly committed. You don’t want to lose yourself in too many groups or networking activities. Set your priorities. Get your feet wet, and if you begin to feel overwhelmed in getting too involved… pull back from some of your extra curricular activities. Stay in the activities that offer you the most support, feedback, challenge, or forward movement in what you are working on.

I understand that if you are more reserved and have a more introspective personality, sometimes plugging into many things can be stressful. Pick and choose, you will be OK. It may be safer to focus on reading resources… but, if all you do is read resources and ask questions… you may not get the hands-on experience a class, workshop, seminar, or activity may offers.

Take the next step forward!

To successfully navigate through analysis paralysis, it takes a holistic strategy. And now, you have some very useful tools to push through.


My new journal…

Remember that journal I was talking about before?  Well, it’s been a few months since I bought it. I found this great little, colorful, red, yellow and white, fabric bound, floral journal at Target. It had my name written all over it. It said to me “inspiration” — “buy me, buy me”. I couldn’t wait to get it home and start writing.

2517590361_b746da8b81Since then, I’ve written off and on in it. That was back in April. One of the things I love about going to my Monday afternoon networking group, is the facilitator. She is genuinely real. And, that in itself is helpful in moving forward. When she encourages us to write, she acknowledges that you don’t have to say anything astounding, just take the time to write something… anything, and the rest will follow. You’d be surprised at what follows.

So, when I get a great idea (no matter how crazy it sounds – even if it doesn’t relate to what I’m doing) I writWomanWritinge it down… or if I’ve had a bad day, perhaps an exercise we’ve completed during our peer support time, an insight I’ve realized, input from others, the top 98 things I want to do in life (I kind of petered out before 100)… and sometimes just a sentence that says… I can’t think of anything today.

Part of what I want to share in this blog is how I’m getting from point A to point B. In doing that, I’ll be sharing some of my journal excerpts. Some are funny and some are just what they are. I also want to share some of the exercises I’m working through. Who knows, you might find something helpful that works for you. Or, maybe you’ll just be entertained.

Unfortunately, somewhere along the way, a to-go cup, packed inside my messenger bag spilled all over my cool, new, Target journal leaving the pages looking like hirogliphics, wet and wavy. I tried to dry them out. As I look through the pages now, it’s funny how the words run together.  Ya know, I couldn’t start a new one now… after all it’s part of my adventure.