The Original Vision

The original vision is outlined below. I wanted to equip people with the resources they needed, so they can succeed in their lives.  Through Christ centered values, education, and empowerment, I am committed to breaking down socio-economic labels (serving to bridge the separation between the working poor and the middle class), I want to improve lives and connect people to each other and what is around them – via a safe, social community hub.

The vision had two essential ingredients: (1) a coffeehouse which would offer art shows, live music, and local events; (2) a community resource center that would connect people to tangible needs – job, food, and housing – teaching life skills.

All of this is about connection. Bridging the separation between people groups. Partnering with local organizations and businesses, collaborating, cross-marketing products, building relationships, mentoring, teaching, connecting individuals to existing classes and programs, being active and building a stronger community.

I write this in the past tense… as pieces of my vision have changed. To some degree quite considerably. To understand the evolution of the vision in it’s entirety… please continue reading.  I will be posting the changes and my new insights soon…

  1. Pulling Apart The Original Vision…
  2. Introduction: The Coffee/Tea House
  3. Keeping It Simple
  4. Getting To Know The Neighbors
  5. Building Community… Through Art & Music
  6. The Pièce de résistance
  7. Phase 2: Tying In The Resource Center
  8. Come On Upstairs
  9. Services Offered

5 thoughts on “The Original Vision

  1. I think what you are trying to do is awesome. It takes a lot of guts to go after your dreams. I have faith in you and know you can do this. Do you have a plan yet?

    • Thanks Rachel,

      I really appreciate the vote of confidence.

      I do have a plan, I’m working on the fourth draft of my business plan. It’s it flux right now, as I’m realizing what works for it, what doesn’t, and who the customer is. I’m also working on my vision board. I don’t have a start date or time-line. I’m not entirely sure on the location, so, I’m working on this from a different direction. I’m taking classes that relate to social justice issues, grants writing, and abilities that I need to add to my skill set. I’ve been to some presentations on local food movements. I hope to take a small business management class soon and go back for my Masters in Social Work (the Community and Administrative Leadership concentration). There is a lot going on!

      How about you, how are you doing? What are you working on?

  2. Very well written and interesting blog site. There are lots of people who may share your vision. Check out the Transition Town Movement.

  3. Hey Kieve,

    Excellent vision! I especially like the idea of bridging the gap between the working poor and the middle class. I believe this is essential to our evolution as a society. I have one suggestion though. I noticed you use the phrase “Christ centered values.” I’m concerned that this could put some people off. Religion is a touchy subject for many, and interpretations of what a phrase like that might mean are bound to vary considerably; that is, to some it may sound inviting, but others it may sound divisive. As you know, I place as much value on the words of Jesus as I do the Buddha, so it doesn’t bother me. But there was a time when it would have put me off. If you goal is to be as inclusive as possible, advocating one religion above others may work against your intension.

    Peace, Michael

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