Introduction: The Coffee/Tea House

So, why a coffee/tea house… or cafe?

It was a natural selection.

tazaIf there is something that draws you in for another cup of hot drink, then we can assume there is something that draws and pulls us to the place in which the cup is sold. So, what is it? What draws you to a coffee house? Is it the atmosphere… the need for comfortable autonomy… perhaps some free wi-fi? Is it the selection of hot drinks and good food? Is it because of the happenings… the local people… the weathered sofas… the buzz? Think about the places you frequent and ask yourself what is it about them that keeps you coming back.

As you have probably realized, I have a passion for building community… the more you read, the more you’ll see it. I have a passion to bring people together through food, to connect people, to offer true authentic hospitality… to serve. And, what better way than through the comforts of hot and cold drinks and good food.

53556What I want to do, is to create a community hub. The nucleus of a neighborhood. A place where people come together (where neighbors can know their neighbors). A place that is safe, relaxed, unassuming… where people can come as they are (warts and all). No matter what they look like, how much money they make, or what their background is. A coffee house or cafe is one of the most natural place for this to happen.

Think about it, where is the place in your home that creates this kind of center, or social energy… where do people gather? Most likely…  it’s near the kitchen (where food and drinks are). It doesn’t matter what the size… the kitchen can be tiny or spacious. But, it is the center of the action in our homes which attracts us most… and, draws us in. People gather near food. It’s wired into us.


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